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How did Learn Play and Beyond Start?

Updated: May 7, 2019

It all started when four of us talked about the daycare as a business. It has become so popular yet most facilities are not meeting the expected and acceptable outcome of their services. These were proven from our own experience through our children. Then an idea of having our own company was raised in relation to the fact that we are health care professionals and parents at the same time. As health care professionals, CARING is very essential in delivering an OPTIMUM service to our clients. These are natural attributes we would like to contribute to the children and families that will be a part of the company.

What differentiates us from other child care centers? Two significant factors: CARING and LEARNING.

We strive to provide a loving, nurturing and creative environment as well as making it safe, developmental, clean and child friendly, which will develop and foster the potential creativity and self-image in every child. Learn, Play and Beyond is a wonderful center full of imagination, creativity and fun. At our center, we endeavour to help your children discover their inner spark, the desire to learn, to create, to grow, and to complete their own personal “puzzle” happily building on each one’s individual qualities and strengths.

In short, we aim to be the only child care center which provides child care BEYOND expectations.

By Chona Zamora