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Jeon’s Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, similar to karate, with emphasis on kicking techniques. The reasoning behind this is the leg is more powerful and has a longer reach than the arm. Translated, taekwondo means “the way of the fist foot.” As a sport, it’s an event in the Summer Olympics.

Why Partner With Jeons?

Learn, Play and Beyond partnered with Jeon’s Traditional Taekwondo because of their commitment to provide children with the best physical and mental martial arts training. We believe that children who are engaged in this kind of martial arts can benefit from one, if not all, of the following.

For further information about our partner, please click here.

A) Physical Strength and Balance.

One of the main benefits of taekwondo is improving a child’s strength and balance. Because taekwondo depends on kicking, practitioners learn to balance their weight on one leg to leave the other one free to strike. This also helps strengthen the muscles of the torso. Taekwondo can also help improve coordination. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as a child practices strikes.

B) Discipline and Respect.

Taekwondo students must learn to follow directions from an instructor and are expected to show respect to the instructor. Students are also expected to show respect to their opponents before and after a sparring which teaches a child to be polite, considerate and respectful.

C) Self-confidence.

As children dedicate themselves to a goal in Taekwondo---say, learning a particular strike, earning a belt or practicing how to break a board---they gain confidence as they observe their own progress and increasing mastery. This self-confidence can then be carried over into other areas of your child’s life.

D) Reduced Aggression.

Taekwondo will not teach your child self-defence skills to directly deter bullies but it might prevent your child from becoming one. A study published in “Psychology in the Schools” in 2008 showed that martial arts participation reduced aggression in boys. The study also showed an increase in bystanders choosing to intervene in a bullying event after taking a martial arts course.

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