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Learn, Play and Beyond occasionally invites instructors of Yoga and Zumbini as we believe in the benefits that it can provide to children partaking in these activities.


It encourages self-esteem, concentration and body awareness. Yoga is a wonderful resource for children with untold benefits. It can dramatically impact their lives and future in so many ways. Therefore, we occasionally invite Yoga kids’ instructors to share the benefits to our educators and to our wonderful kids.

According to Jodi Komitor, a leading authority on yoga for kids, the practice of yoga:

  1. Maintains flexibility and strengthens growing bodies
  2. Enhances concentration
  3. Increases self-esteem
  4. Teaches present moment awareness
  5. Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
  1. Gives tools for stress management
  2. Sparks creativity in ripe imaginations
  3. Encourages kind peer and social interactions
  4. Enhances body awareness
  5. Teaches discipline and responsibility
little boy playing with toy drum


The benefits of the Zumbini™ class are innumerable! The first benefit is the bonding, the time shared between educator and child. Other benefits include social, emotional, cognitive, motor and language development. Music stimulates learning naturally. Music and movement tap into all three types of learnings: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. No matter which type of learner your child is, they can benefit from this music and movement program. Children learn through play, and the Zumbini™ format is based on just that: “playing” with music!

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