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A Vibrant Learning Environment

Learn, Play and Beyond Child Care Center is much more than a daycare or early learning center. We are a community of learning and support. This is not only a space for children, but also a space for families—children and adults alike—to spend time, get involved, learn and grow together.

Our amazing center offers quality full-time, part-time and drop-in education and care for children aged 11 months to 6 years of age. We provide child care services beyond expectations that focus on the holistic approach of early learning and play that involves physical, cognitive and emotional support, not only to the children but to their families as well. We intend to reveal each child’s abilities and potential to be able to prepare them for a better future.

Our Mission

Learn, Play and Beyond provides a safe, stimulating and caring environment for children ages 11 months to 6 years. Our focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience promoting physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents complete peace of mind while being a shining example of what a care center should be.

Our Vision

Learn, Play and Beyond aims to be the leading child care facility that provides the top most security, exceptional care and nurturing environment to prepare each and every child to become successful and to be the best they can be.

Emergent Curriculum

Learn, Play and Beyond Childcare Center strongly believes in Emergent Curriculum.

An Emergent Curriculum philosophy is one that builds upon the interests of children. We do not separate the curriculum into discreet blocks of time for math, language, etc. Rather, children learn about themselves and the world around them through investigation and discovery, through art, dramatic play and social interactions. Key areas such as literacy and numeracy development are introduced and woven through all activities, taking place in each of the traditional early learning domains and activity centers.

Within our Emergent Curriculum philosophy, there are four essential elements. These are:

  • The Environment
  • The Role of the Educator
  • Observations and Documentation
  • Project Work and Project Practice

A Virtual Tour of Our Center

Words can only describe our center so much. A visit lets you experience it. Learn about our curriculum, community impact and how we support our children here at Learn, Play and Beyond. Join us in one of our upcoming events, activities and local projects. Sign up and reserve your spot today.

Schedule Your Tour Today!